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Japan Legal Support Center (法テラス)

The JLSC was established as the central organization to provide legal assistance to citizens, based on the goal to "realize a society where legal information and services are accessible anywhere in the country".

The JLSC will provide information on legal paths relevant to your inquiry and will refer you to pertinent organizations that offer a more specialized service, as well as services provided by JLSC.

Multilingual Information Service is now available. The available languages are: English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and Portuguese.


Legal Counseling Centers for Foreigners (Charged service) (弁護士会の外国人法律相談【有料】)

Shinjuku Legal Counseling Center (Day) & Kamata Legal Counseling Center (Night) provide legal counseling on issues related to foreign residents and other international matters. If you are not confident about your Japanese, we can arrange an interpreter at no cost. This center is operated by three bar associations (Tokyo Bar Association, Daiichi Tokyo Bar Association, Daini Tokyo Bar Association).

Ikebukuro Legal Counseling Center, operated by Tokyo Bar Association, also offers legal counseling.

Languages: Japanese, English, Mandarin Chinese, Korean, Bengali, Spanish, Vietnamese and other language (we can arrange an interpreter at no cost.)

Human Rights Counseling Offices for Foreigners (外国人のための人権相談ダイアル)

Language: English, Chinese, Korean, Filipino, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Japanese

Tokyo Public Law Office Foreigners and International Service Section (Charged service) (弁護士法人東京パブリック法律事務所 外国人・国際部門【有料】)

Foreigners and International Service Section (FISS) is a team of professionals with extensive experience in handling cases involving foreign nationals. Its aim is to provide necessary legal services to all foreign nationals in need of assistance.

FISS's Features and Strengths:
・Specialize in cases involving foreign nationals and international matters.
・Have lawyers who can provide legal advice in English and French.
・Can arrange to have interpreters for various languages other than English and French.
・Reservations can be made in English, Chinese and Spanish.
・The headquarter of FISS is located in Minato-ku, near the Tokyo Immigration Bureau.



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