Disaster Prevention Information 〔防災情報〕


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Suginami City(杉並区)


Tokyo Metropolitan Government's Disaster Prevention Homepage(東京都防災ホームページ)

"Safety Tips" the Push-enabled Information Alert App for Foreign Tourists(外国人旅行者向けプッシュ型情報発信アプリ「Safety tips」)

Language: English

Created by Japan Tourism Agency.

Tokyo Fire Department Multilingual Page(東京都消防庁多言語ページ)

Fire and Disaster Management Agency, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications(総務省消防庁)

Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department "Natural Disasters"(警視庁 地震への用心)

Information to Help When Disaster Prevention and Disaster(災害のときに役に立つ情報)

The Government of Japan(国)

Helpful Apps and Websites in the Event of Disaster(Multilingual)(災害時に便利なアプリとウェブサイト(多言語)内閣府ホームページ)

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