Medical Information〔医療情報〕


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Bureau of Social Welfare and Public Health(東京都福祉保健局)

Information about Covid-19 in 11 languages are provided by Bureau of Social Welfare and Public Health.

Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Institution Information "HIMAWARI" (東京都医療機関案内サービス「ひまわり」)

Information about medical institutions as well as about the medical and health insurance system in Japan are provided by the staff who speak foreign languages.

Languages: English, Chinese, Korean

AMDA International Medical Information Center (AMDA国際医療情報センター)

The AMDA International Medical Information Center provides telephone services to foreign residents in Japan in several languages, introduce medical facilities with staff who speak the patient's language, and explain the health care system.

Languages: English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Thai, Portuguese and Filipino (Tagalog)

Services for the Health in Asian & African Regions (SHARE)((認定)NGO法人シェア:国際保健協力市民の会)

This organization serves people from other countries living in Japan with limited access to medical care by holding mobile counseling services and telephone counseling for medical care.

Languages: Japanese and English

Tokyo English Lifeline (東京英語いのちの電話)

You don’t have to be suicidal to call. Whatever is troubling you, we are here to listen.

No one needs to struggle alone. Reach out and call us, our phone counselors are here for you.

• Free, confidential telephone counseling
• Anonymous, non-judgmental and caring
• Kids, teens and adults welcome to call
• English-speaking resources and support



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