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Chuosen Aruaru Project

Koenji, Asagaya, Ogikubo, Nishi-Ogikubo.
Information on these areas of Tokyo is given in detail on the Experience Suginami Tokyo website. You can find information about various cuisine, culture, music, anime, fashion, and a variety of exciting events which are unique attractions often referred to as "Chuo Line Culture". The "Chuosen Aruaru Project" uses the catch phrase "Nami janai, Suginami!", which means, "Suginami is not your usual Tokyo", due to its subculture, history, and more. From a sightseeing standpoint we intend to open the doors to these areas with broader guidance.



〒167-0043 東京都杉並区上荻1丁目2番1号Daiwa荻窪タワー(ダイワオギクボタワー)2階
電話:03-5347-9184(直通) ファクス:03-3392-7052